Sunday, March 30, 2014

Weekend Love

I love our weekends. I love not having to get up at 5am, not having to prepare bottles for Blair, or think about what to bring for lunch, and not having to do all those million other things that have to be done on weekdays. Weekends are the best.

On Friday Blair got the rest of her 4 month shots (oops, forgot to go back after her 4 month appt-I split her vaccines so she doesn't get them all at once) and on Friday night she slept over 9.5 straight hours! She is always a bit off after her vaccines, Sawyer was the same. Poor kiddos :(

This weekend was low key as usual, and it was our last weekend with a 3 year old Sawyer! He is very excited for his birthday, all he wants is a fish cake and fish presents. I ordered his birthday cake today and it is a fisherman cake. The baker was very surprised to hear that our fisherman was only turning 4! Of course "only" is relative, to me 4 seems OLD!

We went to lunch on Saturday, it was a nice treat for us

We had to make a few stops on the way home and Sawyer was grumpy that he had to stay in the car vs going in the store with Mike

I love peeking in the playroom and seeing them being content

She is the prettiest little gal

She loves grabbing her feet

I could not get a good picture, Sawyer just complained the whole time how heavy she was 

I love these beautiful kids of ours


I found this old shirt of mine from Pike Place in Seattle, I thought he would love it. He did, and it was hilarious. Also, just one sock. Normal.

It was a rare day for me where she took a nap out of my arms on a weekend. She slept for so long I had to wake her up!

and onto another week....

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