Sunday, March 23, 2014

Fishing at Minto Brown Island Park

 We had some nice weather today so we decided to soak up some vitamin D at Minto Brown Island Park. Mike took the kids there on Friday, and it was my first time there. Sawyer took his big-boy fishing rod and we walked for a while until we found the fishing pond. Blair was kind of fussy, I thought she might have been hungry and I wasn't expecting that, so I had to sit on the side of the jogging path while trying to nurse her. Thankfully no one walked by at my most awkward moments, but it was all good... Sometimes a baby has to eat, no matter where you are! I think her fussiness was mostly due to being tired and not wanting to be in her stroller, so Mike held her on the walk back and she fell asleep on his shoulder. Pretty adorable.

As always, Sawyer had fun casting and reeling up over and over, I love that fisherman boy. He was totally sweet and excited to fish and this was the first time he used an actual hook! Mike has been removing the hooks from his lures but not today! This kid is growing up fast.  Almost 4 and I could cry at the thought!

her side eye is killing me

eating on the side of the road

The kids (well, all of us really) were tired

her little hand!

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