Saturday, March 22, 2014

Happy 3rd Birthday Sawyer! (you know, almost a year later....)

So....this is embarrassing.... but it looks like I never blogged about Sawyer's birthday party last year! oops! My guess is because I was in my first trimester of pregnancy and tired and forgetful! Better late
than never, right?

Anyway, we had a party at our house, CARS themed, Sawyer loved it. We had his friends over and ate lots snacks and BBQ'd. I bought a bubble machine and had some regular bubbles ready to go, but it ended up being a rainy day. The kids all had fun playing in the house though, Sawyer has lots of toys that kept them entertained. Some good friends brought a little outdoor canopy thing so the dad's could go outside and BBQ (and I imagine get away from the chaos of the children....)

Sawyer loved his cake and got some great gifts from all of our favorite people! He loves birthdays!

Before the rain, and getting dressed ;)

The kids were wanting these cars from the vase. Does no one understand decorations? ;-)

These pickle roll ups were seriously the hit of the party. 

a good sign that "fun was had"

 Actually, maybe the Pinata was the hit of the party

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