Sunday, March 16, 2014

Sunday from my phone

Our weekends are always a bit crazy, especially lately with a rambunctious Sawyer and a teething and cranky Blair. Today is one of those days where she has been difficult to please but she is napping now (on my lap) and it's a peaceful moment.

Sawyer is growing up so fast and while that makes me sad, he starting to be a better listener so that is a welcome change! He is so funny and says the sweetest things to us. He gets so excited about the funniest things, like when I come home with a new carton of milk. That is always thrilling for him. :)

Blair turned 5 months old today!

She became exhausted from her photoshoot and fell asleep on my lap

Sawyer showed me his mad face

We went to the school by our house for some playtime

Blair helped me fold laundry

As usual, it was short lived

Sundays are never glamorous but I love the family time!

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