Monday, December 30, 2013

Christmas! (2013)

I was so looking forward to Christmas this year! I just knew that it would be magical with a 3.5 year old who really "gets it" and a new baby who loves snuggling. Blair and Sawyer slept well that night (though they both fell asleep around 10pm Christmas Eve) so we all woke up feeling rested and ready for the big day. We were so lucky this year, Santa really treated us well!

I think when Sawyer woke up he kind of forgot what day it was because Mike was able to keep him in his room while I got the ipad ready for a video. I absolutely love his reaction.

My parents arrived on the 24th. Mike's parents were driving over Christmas morning so we were hoping to wait until they got here to open presents. Sawyer was actually totally fine with it and was enjoying talking about Christmas in general while we waited. My dad took some pictures with his fancy camera and I love how they turned out.

Once they came it was go time and he tore into his stocking. By that time Blair was already tired and fell asleep in my moms arms. Sweet gal.

 Vintage ninja turtle and motorcycle, he loves it

 Mike is going on an Alaska hunting trip next summer, I don't really want to know what this is for....

Blair got lots of snuggles 

Sawyer got a Playmobil Fishing boat and has been obsessed with this teeny tiny fishing rod

It was a perfect day. I loved every second of it! I enjoyed spending such good quality time with family (I think we all did) and I can't believe how fast it went.

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