Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Kids

Photography doesn't come naturally to me, but I really love it. I am learning though! I had to laugh when I plugged in my memory card to see that I took 131 pictures of the kids in front of the tree and only 5 seemed worth sharing. Blair was hilarious during the "photoshoot,"  just looking confused at the whole ordeal. Sawyer was excited to hold his sis, and was a really good sport during it all.

I really wanted to take them to see Santa this year, Sawyer has only gone once. It was his first Christmas and we got one picture and then he cried. Today was really our last chance to take them this year so we went early (for us) to the mall. I told Sawyer were going and that he would be able to sit on Santa's lap and tell him what he wanted to Christmas. He said "I don't want to sit on his lap!" I thought 'oh great, please let this go smoothly' and then I figured I would show him the baby picture of him on Santa's lap so he could see he had done it before. It worked! He said "Ok I will!" He was so cute when we got there and told Santa he wanted another fish. I slightly panicked because we didn't know this but thankfully Amazon was still offering two-day shipping to be here by Christmas so hopefully there should be no disappointment. ;)

A picture of a picture, sorry for the bad quality!

Back when I was pregnant with Blair and thought ahead to the holidays I was so excited at the thought of snuggling a sleepy, sweet baby by the light of the Christmas tree and that is exactly what I am doing now. It is just as I pictured it. Perfect. Sometimes things can be a little chaotic here, but when all is calm I have no complaints.

Sawyer's hat from Santa. He's been wearing it all day!

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