Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Sawyer's First Day of School

Today was Sawyer's first day of school ever! Mike and I are so excited for our boy to be starting preschool, we can't believe it though, it just feels like yesterday that he was a baby.  In true Stephanie fashion I was stressing about his outfit. I had it all planned and then he insisted on wearing his new sneakers so I had to redo it and in my opinion it turned out adorable. :) When I was talking to him over the summer he told me he wanted a blue backpack and blue shoes for school, and that is what he got. I did my best with a chalkboard sign (it looks terrible) but Sawyer was happy to hold it!

I took the day off from work and had Mike take Blair to daycare so I could focus on my little guy and I'm so glad I did. Yesterday I told him that after school I would take him out to lunch and asked him where he wanted to go and he said "the apple place." It took me awhile to understand and then I realized it was Applebee's because we had just driven by one. HA!

Lucky for us my good pal's son is in his class so he has a built in friend. We went to class together and hung around for a bit, then the parents had to leave to go to a little orientation - he cried! I felt so sad but held it together, the teachers aide had to hold him back while I left. :(  My friends mom works at the school and told me that she peeked in soon after we left the class and he was doing just fine, so I felt much better.

When I picked him up it was  basically the cutest thing I have ever seen. All these little preschoolers lined up walking with their backpacks, I could have cried. When he saw me he got the biggest smile and I got the biggest hug, again, I could have cried (I almost did).

He told me all about how it went - He said was shy, he stood on a circle, he didn't eat the snack because he didn't want to (it was cheese) but he drank some water, they sang the ABC's (and he sang it for the rest of the day), and the funniest to me was that he went outside and they were running and Sawyer wanted to win but a kid hit him and he fell down and his shoe came off. I am not sure how true that last one is but it totally killed me, oh kids! He also said he didn't know any of his friends names or the teachers name, but when I reminded him of his friend Kaedyn and the teachers name he said "oh yeah, I know."

The cutest preschooler!

He was tired of the pictures by the time I wanted to take some outdoor ones

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