Saturday, September 20, 2014

Harvest / Soccer / Walking Fool

After starting our garden back in April earlier this month we finally had our big harvest. We had some zuchinni and peas earlier in the summer, but Mike's pride and joy tomatoes and jalapenos were ready for picking. Sawyer was happy to help with the tomato picking (and we got him a new shirt and shinguard-socks for soccer on this day so he had to try them on/wear them for the rest of the day).

He was stoked

Blair was sporting some hilarious pigtails

not too shabby!

The next day was Sawyer's first real day of soccer. We had gone last month to a little practice hour and Sawyer loved it so we signed him up.  If he could, he would wear his soccer socks everyday.

Blair had fun eating snacks and playing with toys on a blanket

Sawyer was adorable and the coach was really good with these littles. I messed up and brought my wide angle lens instead of my zoom lens, so these are ridiculously cropped and awful. Oops.

Blair wanted in on the water bottle action. Thankfully Sawyer didn't see this happening. 

Later that week Blair had a pony tail, I took it out and this happened. I love her crazy hair!

This week was supposed to be week 2 of soccer, but after we left the house I found out it was cancelled due to poor air quality (there was a forest fire Northeast of us), Sawyer was pretty bummed but it was for the best.

This handsome boy is still adjusting to school. I think he loves the learning aspect but is having a hard time socializing. The first two weeks of school he said daily that no one wants to play with him, but this last week I think things are getting a bit better. He doesn't ever seem to be too upset about it, and he loves singing new songs and telling me about his day (and I love hearing about it).

Blair started taking steps right after she turned 10 months old, and now she pretty much walks everywhere. It is hard for me to get a video of it but I was able to get this little gem. 

She just makes me laugh. I love her crazy spirit. 

I asked Sawyer what his favorite thing about school is. (Please excuse the mess of the house, these kids are hooligans.)

Yup, a waffle for dinner.

And from today - Sawyer asked me if I like his moustache, who wouldn't? (also note the game-day jersey)

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