Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Kind of a Big Deal

There are few noteworthy things that have happened around here lately.

Up first, anyone who knows Sawyer knows that he is not the greatest eater. He is incredibly picky and getting him to eat "real" food has almost always been a struggle. The funny thing is - he tries all kinds of food at daycare that he would never in a million years eat at home so when I heard he has eaten Ham sandwiches at lunch time I just knew my next goal was to get him to eat one at home. Finally after a week of PBJ's for dinner, one Friday night I told him that he was going to have a Ham sandwich and that was the end of it. I made it for him, it took some time before he sat down to eat it and he did try it, and really seemed not to like it (despite eating it at daycare). So I said I had a different sandwich for him to try and took out the ham and put turkey in it (I think I called it light colored ham at first). He ate it. I told him if he ate it he could be the winner (he obsession as of late). The winner of what, who knows, but he wanted to win - so he ate that whole thing. I was so proud!

I, of course, documented it. 

Next up, Blair's hair is finally long enough for pony tails. This is a big deal.

how adorable is she? 


and she is getting so good at her steps. I think the most I have counted is about 8!

and last but not least, this makes me so proud I could cry. Sawyer hasn't shown much of an interest in writing before, but he was happy to attempt to write his name! I love this so much! We made it as far as SAWY and I think that is awesome!

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