Sunday, November 4, 2012

Trick or Treat!

This year was Sawyers first Halloween where he went Trick or Treating for real and he had a ball! His first Halloween we went walking around with a group, but he was only just shy of 7 months so he just sat in his stroller enjoying the experience, and last year he hated his costume so we stayed home and handed out candy.

This year my friend Tracee came over with her son Kaedyn and we had some Halloween pizza (Jack-o-lantern shaped) and got ready for the big night. Sawyer dressed as a pirate and was too cute. Kaedyn was a super cool Fireman and it was his first year going door to door as well. Sawyer and Kaedyn loved it and we were so lucky because while it rained all day, the rain stopped just in time for us to go out!

 Ready to start!

My favorite of the night

Sawyer was so interested in these ghosts, when we walked up to the house he said "ahh! A ghost! AHHHHH!" he was pretending to be scared, so cute :)

 They were such cute friends. And the high waisted pants part of Sawyer's costume is the best

I let him have one piece of candy before bed, he was loving it

1st Halloween

2nd Halloween

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