Monday, November 12, 2012

Hanging Out At Home

After working full time all week, it is so awesome to be able to hang out at home on the weekends. Of course we love to get out of the house and take Sawyer to do fun things, but sometimes its nice to relax and play at home. We love watching movies, reading books, and playing with trains and cars, etc.

Sawyer likes relaxing on the couch, my boy!

We also love hanging out with our friends :) Especially when they bring their kids! Our friends came over last weekend with their sweet little daughter, she was the cutest little doll and she was totally loving Sawyer, he was not so pleased with having to share his toys with her. Classic only child. She loved giving him hugs and Sawyer was not in the best mood and would run away screaming, it was hilarious and awesome.

Cute, right? She was munching on some grapes, hence the puffed cheeks ;)

 Sawyers face kills me

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