Friday, May 29, 2015

Memorial Day Weekend - McDonald Forest Hike and Opal Creek Hike

Memorial Day Weekend was a good one for us this weekend. Saturday we did some housekeeping, ran some errands, and visited some friends. I wanted to get some hiking in for our family too, so on Sunday we went to the McDonald Forest and then grabbed pizza for dinner from our favorite place. It was a perfect day.

On Monday we went to Opal Creek and it was such a beautiful place! I am working up to a goal of a long day hike on the PCT this summer (with Mike of course) so I felt like the more hiking I do the better I can be for this goal. I had a backpack full of sandwiches, veggies, and chips that we strapped onto a packboard (like for hunting) with a "Crazy Creek" chair. We brought this set up for Sawyer because we anticipated that he would get tired at some point, and he did so I'm so glad we brought it. We didn't tell him that it was for him until he said he was tired because otherwise he would have been on it the whole time! ha!

Mike is a total champ, he carried Blair in the Kelty on his back and then at our turn around point (where Sawyer bacame tired {which he totally did, he was a champion hiker for a 5 year old, we didnt see any other kids his age hiking this}) I took over Blair on my back (ow) and Mike had Sawyer on his back and the backpack on his front. Mike is the best. 

Sawyer held onto the map to make sure we didn't get lost ;)

snack attack

We found this little area and it was full of newts (Sawyer's favorite, he even got to hold one). We also saw some frogs, one was giving another frog a piggy back ride ;)

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