Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Corvallis Adventure and the Last Day of Preschool

A couple weekends ago I was feeling sort of stir crazy so I suggested to Mike that we go to Corvallis (our college town) to walk around and get some dinner. First we made a stop at the campus bookstore and Sawyer picked out a shirt he couldn't live without! After that we let them run around the area outside the stadium. Dinner was a little insane but I'm glad we went and it was fun to get out of the house for the afternoon/evening.

The next day I planned to take the kids for a hike so Mike could work on our landscaping project but Sawyer claimed he couldn't go because he "broke his leg." (aka scraped his knee). I felt the need for some exercise so I took Blair on on my own. I took a trail that I had never been on before and I was almost regretting it because I didn't know where it came out, but we did it and it felt good!

I can't believe Sawyer's first year of school, preschool, has come and gone. His last day was the 22nd and it feels like just yesterday when I dropped him off for the first time. The school had rented some bouncy houses for the kids and asked for parent volunteers so I was happy to take a few hours off of work to join in on the fun.

Later that afternoon Blair was jealous of Sawyer's backpack so I brought this one out for her. We also had fun doing some puzzles that had been put away for a few months (almost like getting new toys ;) )

Also, Blair had some crazy hair that day (love it)

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