Sunday, February 8, 2015

A Quick Walk In the Woods

All of us Huffords have been feeling a bit under the weather this weekend (colds - congestion, coughing, etc) but after being cooped up we decided to take a little walk in this little wooded area down the road on our way to go grocery shopping. I thought we would make between rainstorms but it did start raining a bit towards the end. I guess not my best idea but I enjoyed walking outside even for just a short amount of time. Mike's parents got Sawyer some long underwear and even though it looks like boy leggings I let him wear them out (not to school). I wish leggings were acceptable for boys to wear, they are adorable! Plus paired with his new rainboots he was looking pretty fly if you ask me ;)  Blair wore Sawyer's old hiking boots and they were a little too big, but my goodness the cuteness was overwhelming. I can't wait for us all to be healthy again, I love our adventures (even the small ones).

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