Sunday, February 15, 2015

February Sunshine

Our family goal in 2015 is to go on as many outings and adventures as we can. Our kids love being outside so today we took advantage of the February sunshine and went for a hike.

And one exciting thing - we got ourselves a new rig which I have declared as our New adventuremobile! I asked Mike to take a look at it on his way home from work on Friday and he bought it! How is that for a Valentine's gift! We love it, we definitely needed something bigger for camping this summer and whenever we have family visiting we can never take one car (and now we can - third row!)

(taken yesterday)

Yes, I made them pose for our first adventure with it ;) (nerdy, I know)

we were too slow for him

I only had to take one rock out of her mouth

Clearly not into having her photo taken with me, I swear she likes me

 I love seeing them in their element

she carried these sticks the whole time

I tried my best

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