Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sickness - Go Away!

Our little family has been ravaged by sickness this month and it is only the 15th! Last week 45 minutes after Blair went to sleep she woke up crying and not just a tired cry, but a "different" cry so I rushed into her room to see that she has barfed all over her bed. Poor girl, I can't imagine how scary it was for her! We got her cleaned up in the bath and put fresh bedding on her bed and within an hour she barfed like 5 or 6 more times. It was the saddest thing! She finally allowed me to put her to bed and she slept pretty well that night and seemed completely fine the next day.

I stayed home one extra day which I'm glad for because the next morning Sawyer came into my room saying his tummy hurt. You know what that means. Now Sawyer was sick. Then I got Blair up and she had barfed again during the night and I had no idea, I would have heard her crying over the baby monitor if she woke up! Two barfing kids is no fun.

Then in the middle of the night on Sunday Mike got sick and had to stay home from work. Tuesday afternoon I started feeling sick but not like how my other people got sick - I was freezing no matter what I did and my head was super foggy. I went to work Wednesday (yesterday) and after two hours I left to go home and sleep. I had just dozed off at home and then my phone rang and it was Sawyer's school - he had a fever! We cannot catch a break!

So now Sawyer is resting in our bed and Blair is napping. I need someone to come and sanitize my house again, I can't keep doing it!

First up a few photos from the end of the year, Sawyer looked like a teenager playing with the ipad on the counter. Mike and I went on a date night with some friends to have dinner and see "Wild." (super good movie)

and Blair looked adorable playing with her new car

Blair got this nightgown for Christmas from a friend and the cuteness was overwhelming

Cut to last week a few hours before Blair got sick

Sawyer got his first Lego set and was occupied for literally 3 hours straight

obsessed with Mickey

 Starting to feel better but still a bit quiet

This day is when Sawyer started to feel better, and felt well enough to set up some train tracks that he was really proud of. I love him and his turtle shell.

Winter soccer week 2!

Last night we finally got sick of cleaning this up daily so Mike put cabinet locks on these drawers. She was less than pleased this morning and I felt kind of bad (but then she got over it quickly)

Thinking good thoughts that we are all on the mend!

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