Monday, January 26, 2015

More sickness....

So in my last blog post I was crossing my fingers that we would all be healthy soon....that didn't work. We made it though a work/school/daycare day on Friday the 16th but I noticed when we got home that afternoon that Blair had green goop in her eyes. I called the doc and they wanted to see her the next day, and then a little later I realized Sawyer had a fever again. I gave him some meds and it went away for the rest of the night and on Saturday he seemed fine. Saturday at the doc Blair was diagnosed with a sinus infection (green goop still coming out of her eyes and her eyelids were red and that night her eye was practically swollen shut! seriously sad!).

I had plans to go see some friends on Sunday and on my way  home Mike called asking me where the thermometer was, so while we were on the phone (hands free for me ;) ) he took Sawyer's temp because he was burning up. It was 106!!!! I was about 25/30 minutes away and I instructed him to give meds and put a cold wash cloth on his head while I sped home and called the doctor. The doc called back when I was about 5 minutes from home and said he needed to go to the ER. As soon as I got home I hugged my buddy and brought him to the car (Mike stayed home with Blair because she was still sleeping and she was still in recovery mode). When I got home I had hoped the meds had dramatically dropped his temp, they did not. It was 105.7

I don't know - but I think I have this weird coping mechanism because while now I realize how insane a 106 fever is, on that day I didn't even let myself go to a place in my head where someone would freak out. I just had it in my head that he was going to be ok and the doctors would just handle it.

We got there and he was just so and weak, I had to carry him. He cried at the blood pressure cuff and for the rest of the time he told every nurse/doc he saw that he didn't like the squeezy thing and didn't want it again. ha! In the waiting room a nurse gave him tylenol (we gave ibuprofen at home) and by the time we got to a room (over 2 hours after we arrived) his temp was 100 and he was ready to go home and told everyone he felt better! The doc ordered some tests (strep, xray, test for a UTI) and everything came back clear. Since his temp was down they allowed us to go home (we were there about 5 hours). OF COURSE after we were home his fever came back (104.5) but it was controlled with meds and a cool washcloth.

He woke up fever free on Monday but midday the fever came back so I made an appt at our regular doc for Tuesday, however Monday night the ER nurse called saying they cultured the throat swab (I think I am saying this correctly) and that while the rapid strep test from Sunday was neg, the culture tested positive for Strep. While it sucks he had strep, I was so happy to have an answer! Antibiotics started the next day and he has been good ever since. Blair too :)

He was really cute the evening his fever came back (but was controlled with meds)

Then decided to eat his PB&J on the counter which made me so thankful I bought new dining room chairs ;)

Sad goopy eyes

He loves when we let him watch a movie in our bed

Poor gal, Sunday 1-18


It is really surreal to see your child be wheeled around the hospital (to the xray room and back). He was charming everyone and made me laugh out loud when he cut his nurse off mid-sentence to say "Does this hospital have something we could eat????"

Someone was feeling better

My mom flew up because she couldn't stand to see her grandkids so sick, and she brought some masks ;) 

So far everyone has been feeling better! (I also got sick with either strep/sinus plus possible pink eye and the doc I saw said "I'm not even going to test you for anything, you are getting antibiotics")

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