Saturday, December 27, 2014

Dancing in December

We haven't been too exciting this month but it's kind of nice when we can just relax and not have a ton going on. Sawyer had a school Christmas program which was adorable beyond words and he has been practicing for months, and Blair has decided to grace us with her fabulous dance moves. I love these littles - December is kind of a magical month. The kids really love the Christmas tree, Blair points to it everytime we come home or she wakes up saying "ooooooh!"

Blair also has started really dancing her little heart out - mostly with what we call "Riverdance." It is pretty adorable.

Sawyer so happy that I bought some window decorations for him to apply

showing off his fish ornament

Mike's mom got the kids matching pj's, but they did not want to participate in a photoshoot

 too cute in tights

I had a day off from work and while Sawyer was at school Blair was so happy to be playing on his bed while I put away his laundry

Another day off from work for me - Sawyer read me a "book" (video game pamphlet) while wearing Mike's old glasses

I arranged to go to Sawyer's school Christmas party where the kids exchanged books - he was so happy to get a new book. I love this boy so much. 

 Sawyer's tree


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