Sunday, December 28, 2014

Christmas 2014, Family Photo, Scouting for Geese

Christmas was so fun this year, I couldn't wait for the kids to see the tree on Christmas morning. Mike's family was driving in that morning and my parents are staying at a hotel so for the first time in ever we had the morning to ourselves. I kind of loved the quiet family time but we were so happy when the whole gang arrived so that we could have breakfast (homemade chile relleno) and tear into our gifts.


So proud of his new fishing rod

Pierre looking for a gift for him

Santa left a gift under the tree in Sawyer's room, he was so happy and said Santa must have come in very quietly. That he did.

I couldn't wait for Blair to see this

Sawyer got a lot of fishing gear in his stocking

When Mike's parents arrived we brought out the chair they got for Blair, she is smitten!

And this is the point in the morning where I opened my gift, a new lens. I am in love.

Mike's parents got Sawyer this "Sawyer" brand oar. It is amazing.

Blair got this adorable flower push toy from my parents and she loved it so much on Christmas. The last few days though she has been getting really mad and yelling at it and throwing it. We can't figure out what makes her so mad but it is pretty funny.

I am one lucky lady

Sweet Aunt Gail spending some time with Soy

I got Blair this snow suit and she was charming us all.

Prime Rib for dinner made by my dad so it was of course delicious!

The next day we went to a refuge by our house to look for geese and then off to a family friend's house for dinner (that is why Blair is in a dress in the mud)

He will not accept that he is looking through these the wrong way. Cute nonetheless.

Some day we will get a good family shot, this will do for now :)

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