Sunday, July 21, 2013

It's Been Awhile

Aside from my 4th of July post last night it's been awhile since I blogged! Now I am not naming any names, but my best memory card and card reader went missing (I've looked everywhere - twice) so I haven't even picked up my camera in weeks. I just know when I go buy new ones the old ones will turn up, but I decided to use an old card and janky card reader and make-do for the time being. I missed my camera!

Things have been good for us lately, Sawyer is pretty much potty trained and it is SO nice not to be buying diapers/pull-ups! I know I only have a few months until that starts up again but I am enjoying it for now! We still have some potty training hurdles to overcome but we are so proud of him. And he loves all his cool underwear-mostly Lightning McQueen, of course! 

My pregnancy has been going well, but I find myself tired alllllll the time. It is so exhausting being pregnant, taking care of a 3 year old, and working full time. I feel bad because when I get home from work I can't run around and play on the floor as much as I used to, and I wish I could. But Sawyer and I still enjoy our afternoons together by reading books, chatting about his day, and talking about his friends, his favorite toys, and how much he loves fishing. I love hearing his thoughts and little voice, he may be a handful at times but he really is such a sweet guy, Mike and I couldn't be luckier with him.

As for the littlest Hufford, I am carrying her so much higher than Sawyer ever was and find myself out of breath sometimes, like she is resting on my lungs or something, I know that isn't possible (right?) but something tells me these next 3 months are not going to be easy. I can hope though! I can't believe she will be here in 3 months! I love going to bed at night and feeling her kick, I call it her nighttime work out. I feel her kick and move during the day, but at night it's great because I can lay on my side and really focus on all her movements. I wonder what she is doing in there! We talk about her with Sawyer and tell him his baby sister is in my tummy, and he says "No! she is in MY tummy!" So, there may be some confusion there! The goal before the end of the summer is to start and finish Sawyers new room, and then this gal's room. I have done nothing so far. I really need to get on that....

And lastly, probably the best news, Mike is done with his Cincinnati trips! Since coming back in April from being there for two months, every 3rd week he would go back for a week and Sawyer and I would just hate it. We survived, obviously, but it's so awesome to know he isn't going to leave for a week any time soon. He had a heck of a trip back last weekend, which included two delayed flights but he made it!

A few recent pictures, mostly phone pics due to the camera situation, nothing fancy though:  :)

To keep him from putting his fishing lures in the dog water I got him this little tupperware to play with, he did well for awhile and then while I was folding laundry he dumped it all out over himself and the floor.

First trip to the dentist, no cavities! He did pretty well, he eventually had to sit in my lap but he let the dentist do her thing and liked getting a new toothbrush and other dental hygiene accessories.

His room was totally clean when I put him to bed that night....

Lunch at Red Robin yesterday, he loves his daddy and I loved sitting alone on my side of the booth without being climbed on, poked, and pushed, haha! But I was jealous of the snuggles!

nothing like riding your bike in your underwear on some dead grass

26 weeks!

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