Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Sick :(

Friday morning I got up and ready for work like normal. I went into Sawyer's room to get him up and he was already awake and holding his finger out saying he had an owie and needed a "McQueen Band-Aid." He has eczema and his little fingers get rough :( I swooped him out of his bed to tend to his owie and noticed he was really hot. Took his temp and sure enough he had a fever. It was 103.6 and I was feeling sad for him that he must not have been feeling well and also a bit panicked because I can't remember him ever having a fever that high! 101, 102, sure, but not 103! I called work and let them I know I wasn't coming in and Sawyer told me he wanted to "lay in Mommy's bed and watch Cars." You betcha little dude! Whatever you want! I called the doctors office and they told me to "watch his temp" and call if it lasts more than 2 days or gets over 105.

The next day, more of the same. Stayed home and rested up. I rented a movie for him and we had a snuggly day lounging around and watching his movie and some Bubble Guppies episodes ;).  

I took his temp before bed and it was 104.4!!!!!!!!!! I was freaking out and call the doc again (they have an after hours nurse line) and they said if it gets to 105 or above, go to the ER, otherwise they wanted to see us the next day (Sunday), they have "emergency" appointments on Sundays thank heavens! He was laying on the couch and fell asleep, seriously so sweet. That never happens!

He woke up at 6am and I took his temp first thing, 105.3! Panic! I gave him tylenol right away and called the after hours line again, while waiting for a call back his temp went down and then I let them know the details and I was advised that he could wait until his appointment. 

Poor guy, he was diagnosed with a sinus infection. Antibiotics it is!

He loves the fish at the doctors office, despite facing away from them in this picture, ha

Anyway, he is happy and doing well, is awesome at taking his meds. I felt so sad for my little guy! But I did love the snuggles, I feel like every mom says that. Once they grow out of babyhood those snuggles become less frequent. 

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