Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Pierre Love

Pierre is a huge (hehe) presence in our house. He was our first "baby." Mike was not a cat person and I was. Luckily for me at his apartment complex a black and white cat would visit and he quickly realized how awesome they are ;) . I wanted a boy cat and Mike wanted a black and white cat. One day, 7 years ago (!) while walking through the mall in Eugene, there was a male black and white kitten. I called Mike right away and he agreed to "come take a look." The rest is history! Pierre can kind of drive us nuts sometimes, but we love him and he will always be our first "kid."

I am also so grateful that he puts up with Sawyer's roughness, but Pierre knows its all out of love.

 Pierre's face in this picture is almost the best thing I've ever seen

And here he is as a kitten!

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