Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Things I Want To Remember: Volume 1

Part of the why I started this blog was for me (and my family of course) to be able to look back on little cute things that happened, or what we did one week, or little sayings that Sawyer said. This past weekend I had such a fun time with my little guy, he seemed to have what everyone calls a "verbal explosion." I am SO happy! He is such a sweet little talker and will now repeat a decent amount of what we ask him to say and really seems to comprehend it all. He was really well behaved, slept well, ate well, and was just so enjoyable to be around. I don't mean to imply that most days are not that way, because they are, but for some reason last weekend was extra special.

I plan to have more posts like this, where whenever I feel like it, I can just list off things I want to remember, big or small. Just to make me smile.

  • Mike was gone Friday night to Saturday evening and on Saturday morning Sawyer and I went shopping. He was really awesome while we shopped, he has gotten antsy in the past just sitting in his stroller for more than a few minutes, but not this time. He was just happy to observe things happening around him, or tell me something that was on his mind, or say hi to people. 
  • At baby Gap I found a straw fedora and just for fun put it on him and he surprisingly loved it! I had to buy it for him because it makes a perfect sunhat for our upcoming vacation. He has worn it for hours each day since he got it. LOVES it! So funny!
  • We went grocery shopping on Sunday and for a treat we let him sit in one of the "kid carts" with steering wheels and he had a blast turning the wheels while wearing his hat. He was hilarious.
  • This happened about a week ago, but still worth mentioning: he took my soda cap and put it on his toe and called it a shoe. Such a jokester!
  • He asked if I wanted a bite of his ball, as if it was food. :)
  • New words: Hawaii, grapes, hat, shirt, shorts, Love You, need a bite, more but sounds like "meh", car, and cookie but he says "key"

Sorry for the wordy post, here are some pictures to make it more enjoyable!

And a little video

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