Wednesday, May 2, 2012

All In A Sunday

I had high hopes to take Sawyer to the Oregon Ag Fest last weekend and it just didn't happen. Various things got in the way, but we made the best of the weekend! Saturday pictures are in the previous post, here are the Sunday shots!

Sawyer, Grandma, and I went to Red Robin for lunch, Sawyer plowed through half of this pizza, and thought it was pretty cool to be drinking out of a straw cup. He would take a big sip and then beam at us with this huge adorable smile.

After his nap we played outside and he got to get reacquainted with his fun red shovel.

Thanks for the winning smile, Mike!

Puki getting hydrated

Sawyer and his doggies-waaaaaay out there

I tried to get a better picture of us, Sawyer had other ideas

After we came inside Sawyers milk cup leaked, hence the diaper only, and he snacked on a pear and seemed annoyed at all my picture taking.

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