Saturday, May 19, 2012

Recent Instagrams and a Video

Nothing too exiting happening this week, just mostly Mr and I getting excited for our upcoming vacation! I don't think Sawyer has a clue,  but that is ok. We got a portable DVD player today so that he can handle being on a plane for 5.5 hours. He decided not to nap today, so we put him in our bed with the DVD player so he could have some quiet time. I am so glad we got it! ha!

Such a sweet sleeper

Sawyer and I before I left for a girls night out. I missed him, but had so much fun :) 

Waiting for Dad to come home, he likes watching cars drive by

Grubbin on my dinner. I am happy for him to eat anything!

Sawyer talking about his love for Sausage. I keep asking him what he is eating because I love the way he says sausage. I sound a little looney in this video, please don't mind me.

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