Sunday, September 27, 2015

Grass Valley / Nevada City Weekend

Also back in August we went away for the weekend to Grass Valley and Nevada City, California. There was a family reunion that we were excited to attend and it was the first time all four of us have flown together. Lets just say, next time we all fly I am happy that Blair will have her own seat ;)

First stop after the airport - In n Out of course!
Snuggling with my mom and my Aunt's house 

Before the reunion we stopped at a friend of my Dad's who had this awesome pond - Sawyer caught some bass!

Sawyer instantly bonded with his cousin Tucker - my favorite part of it all was that they have the same hair! ;)  Also look at my cheesin girl!

Classic Sawyer face - telling stories 

Napping in the hammock with her Nana

so dirty

Our flight home was delayed so we had to entertain them with food and Peppa Pig on the ipad 

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