Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Soccer Star

Sawyer will (most likely) be starting soccer this fall! We had been wanting to get him into some kind of sport and last week my coworkers were talking about their kids starting soccer so I barged into their conversation and got Sawyer in on it! Yesterday was a little kind of assessment/try-out something or other that we went to to see how the kids would do. Sawyer loved it. He didn't really listen to the coach, but he had a lot of fun!

There were some hilarious moments of course. He was dribbling the ball and actually holding his own against some other kids pretty well (I use the term dribbling loosely, but he was really doing a great job) and one of the kids got the ball from him and he was all up in arms. He marched up to the coach and pointed to the kid and said "HEY! He taked that ball away from me!" It was hysterical. Then at the end he gave the sweet coach a high 5 and then asked her why she spit on him. I have no idea WHAT he was talking about. Oh kids! Also, it was insanely hot, like literally 100 degrees, but all in all it was super fun and Sawyer enjoyed himself! The season starts in September!

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