Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Catching up - End of July / Beginning of August

It has been awhile since I updated my little blog! Nothing too crazy going on but life with two working parents and two kids is tiring! I wish I had an extra couple hours in the day to get things done. But the kids are good, we are good, life is good, even if we are tired and crazy!

We discovered Blair loves corn

One weekend we went to the Saturday market and Blair had a new adorable as ever headband and after the market we went for a walk so Sawyer could ride his bike.

Sawyer caught his first fish!

We let Sawyer try Mario Cart on the wii, he loves it. He was tired of Blair harassing him so he moved his chair to the couch. ha!

Classic little sister

And trouble maker

Sawyer decided to wear a beanie on a 90 degree day

and the kids had fun in the hallway

Somewhere in here my parents came to visit, we love having them up here. Here is a pic my dad took of Sawyer, he loves his papa

When they were here we went to this little event at the park and Sawyer got to sit in a fire truck.

It was HOT. Poor gal.

He also got to sit in a school bus, doesn't he look thrilled? ;)

The kids' pediatrician was there at the booth!

Dance skills

Blair having some water and snuggling her Nana

messiest eater ever

Ever since the little people in our house have taken over the spare bedrooms my parents have stayed at a hotel on their visits. This time we took advantage of the pool

I find this picture so hilarious

 Mike's parents got Sawyer a fireman outfit and I walked into the playroom to this. I love that kid!

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