Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cuteness Overload

My kiddos seem to have been extra cute lately, the cuteness is almost too much! However, there are times where I feel like I need to check into the psych ward (this is not intended to make light of people who really have to do this, but there have been moments lately where I question my sanity!) but once we move on from whatever crazy thing that happens, I can recognize that Mike and I are truly blessed with these children of ours. Crazy times and all ;)

Sawyer has had a one track mind lately with his fishing (this may or may not cause some of the craziness in our lives) but seeing how passionate he is about it is totally sweet and almost mind-blowing. I love that at 3 years old he has something that he loves this much! I think he could fish, talk about fishing, and watch fishing on tv 24/7 and not get tired of it. For Mike's birthday I got him the Wii Fishing Resort game and I really don't know who likes it more, him or Sawyer. Sawyer has been learning approx 1 million different kids of fish because of it. For his birthday this year we are going to forgo a party and take him to the Oregon Coast Aquarium. I think he will love that more than a party. I can't wait!

Blair has been a dream baby per usual! She's had some cranky moments these last couple of weeks, I think that her soon-to-be-teeth bug her sometimes because its not like her to be cranky. But, when she is happy she is so lovely :) Even when cranky she is lovely, but she is lovelier when she is happy! She usually falls asleep nursing at night, but a few times this week she hasn't. So one day instead of rocking her I just thought I'd try putting her in her crib and turning on some lullaby music on her Violet dog and see what happens. I am too much of a sucker to let her cry it out (I actually never let Sawyer either) so I was prepared to race back into her room (oh, did I mention she was sleeping in her own room now? Sawyer slept in our room until he was 11.5 months old) but I didn't hear a peep. I checked on her after 5 minutes and she was just laying there awake and when she saw me she gave me a big gummy smile. I kissed her, put her bink back in, told her I loved her and walked out. I waited 5 more minutes and went back in - she was fast asleep. And she has done it the a few more nights since then (I think the first time was on Saturday the 15th) when she hasn't fallen asleep eating. I am not expecting it to last but I am loving it!

Sis also had her 4 month check up this week and she is looking fabulous and developing right on track. The only thing her doctor wanted us to work on was unswaddling so I attempted it. She woke up a bit sooner than normal but when I went into her room she was stretching and smiling. I think she likes having her arms free. Even though it was 2:30am and she usually wakes up around 4:30/5am to eat, she did go right back to sleep so I can't complain too much. Last night was the 2nd night of the "great unswaddle" and she slept from 9:30-4:30, ate, then back to sleep until just before 8. We love this.

Sorry for the excessive wordiness! I just know I will love reading these entries when my kids are older!

watching basketball with dad and letting it all hang out. her legs!

Turns out a shark's favorite food is chicken nuggets

she is obsessed with her hand

trying on her first swimsuit.  I can't wait to take her to the pool!

I love when he lets me take his picture

My big 4 month old!

her cheeks kill me

posing with her Violet dog who plays her lullabies (also, her pot belly. I can't even)

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