Friday, February 7, 2014

Beginning of Feb / Family Snow Day

February has started off with a bit of a curveball thrown at us but we are trying our best to stay positive. The kids have been wonderful, sweet, and adorable so no matter what challenges we face we are lucky to have these little darlings in our life.

Last weekend Blair and I went on some errands and I was in love with her outfit and she was such an awesome shopping buddy. Her little cardigan is actually Sawyer's pal Lucy's and I can't get enough. The onesie and pants were Sawyer's and I love being able to put Blair in his baby clothes and make them girly.

I  can't even choose a favorite of that series of photos, sorry! Also, there are more recent pictures of Blair then there are of Sawyer, but that is because he doesn't like me to take his picture these days. Sometimes he demands "take me a picture" and I do, but most of the time, he runs away. Hence the abundance of Blair photos.

On Super Bowl Sunday we had our friends over and Sawyer and Lucy got some good play time in.

Love these two

On Monday I think I had the cutest kids of all time

See what I mean with the pictures?

Sawyer decided to be a night owl this night so I let him snuggle me while I watched my Bravo shows (Mike and Blair were long snoozing)

Blair discovered her tongue

Her little round face is too much

It started snowing on Thursday and continued into Friday.  I didn't feel it was safe for me to drive to work, so we had a family snow day!

Blair was sleeping in the Ergo during our outdoor fun

Sawyer insisted on this dino tail which he was calling his belt. He also wore my hat since we couldn't find his, surprisingly it fit him just fine....

He was reluctant to go on the sled since he remembers "crashing" in the snow last winter

He eventually agreed

I love our snowy house

 I bought this penguin outfit YEARS ago (possibly even before we got married, I know I'm a weirdo), hoping I could use for my kids (which I didn't have at that time) one day. Today was the day!

She seemed thrilled to be free from it

Backyard snow

"Can we come in the dang house now?"

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