Monday, August 26, 2013

Camping at Devils Lake

A few weeks ago we packed up and headed to Devils Lake to go camping. There was a promise of good fishing, however the weather was not looking so great. We drove and stayed in Bend the on that Friday night, then got up early and headed over to the campsite. It was such a nice spot and the lake was clear and looked perfect! Mike's parents have two canoes and we figured Sawyer would like being in one, but no. He was not having it. :(   I felt so sad, he just had it in his head that he didnt want to go in the boat, but I know if he just were to relax and sit he would have loved it. Maybe next time!

It started raining pretty hard and thundering in the afternoon. Also, the bathrooms were not close and at that point I was 29 weeks pregnant. I didn't realize about how the weather wouldn't be so great so I didn't have much in the way of warm clothing for Sawyer or myself. So with the weather and the bathroom situation- Mike's mom, Sawyer, and I went back to Mike's parents house that evening for dinner and to sleep.  We got up and went back to camp early to spend as much time as we could before heading home that day. We were told that about an hour after we left the night before that the rangers came and made them put out their campfire! Such a buzzkill! Weather, bathroom, and campfires aside, we really had a great time and got to enjoy some beautiful scenery! The dogs got to run and swim and play, it was just what they needed! It was nice for us to unplug for the weekend and be outside; we hope to make this an annual trip!

 Hiding out in Grandma and Grandpa's tent during the rain

He was obsessed with this bag of dead fish. I think he thought they were his little friends and every time someone tried to sneak them into a cooler he would catch them and demand to hold the bag. 

 Lucy looking adorable as ever! (she has smart parents who packed for cold weather!)

What kid of crazy lady camps at 7 months pregnant?

Back feeling rested and refreshed the next morning! Sawyer posing by our car with our new storage box on top. That thing is key for when we have to bring our dogs with us because they take up the whole back trunk area.

 Sawyer reeling in a fish Mike hooked

Soon after that he walked directly into the water with his pants, socks, and shoes. 

Bugaboo taking a little snooze

tired hounds

Until next year, Devils Lake!

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