Sunday, June 16, 2013


A couple weeks ago Mike went fishing with his dad and caught a salmon. We had it for dinner that night and it was really good, we still have quite a bit left! Sawyer was pretty interested in the fish, but then lost interest and walked over to where I was sitting to blow some bubbles.

The weekend after that Mike wanted to try getting another fish so he and Sawyer took off Saturday morning. Unfortunately no fish was caught, but they had such a blast. These two are such good buds and I think it was a perfect day for them. Sawyer loved it. They came home and the first thing Sawyer said to me was "MOMMY! I fell down in the water!" Poor guy, he was ok though and was wearing his life jacket. No harm done ;)

Spoiled guy also got a new pool with a slide, he loves it :)

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