Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Sawyer Turns 3!

Like we have done the last 3 years, Mike and I took the 5th of April off from work to have a special day with Sawyer! His 1st birthday we went to the zoo, his 2nd birthday we went to the Portland Children's Museum, and this year we decided to stay in town. Our plan was to go to the indoor kids pool in the morning, and then to a movie in the afternoon.

First we went to Target so we could get him new swim trunks, and we let him pick out a toy. It was a car of course! Then we went to the pool, but after paying and a misunderstanding with the front desk we found out from the pool people (thankfully before we changed) that it was CLOSED to small children in the morning for swimming lessons for senior citizens. I really could not understand why the CHILDRENS pool and splash pad was closed for senior citizen swimming lessons when there is a separate lap pool, but what do I know? Anyway, we went home to play and open gifts, and decided to go back when the pool was open for "our kind." It worked out nicely because we went when it was only open for adults and kids 0-5, so we didn't have any big kids tearing through the place.

After swimming we came home and relaxed, Grandma and Grandpa came over so we got to celebrate with them too. Presents, dinner, and cake, Sawyer was feeling the love that day!

The night before Mike and I blew up some balloons and I assumed he would love them like he did last year, however he was not as enthused as I thought he would be
(He insisted on Santa jammies the night before, there was no talking him out of it)

After our first attempt at the pool, home for some presents 

Finally made it to the pool! He was apprehensive at first, then by the end we couldn't get him to leave
(our waterproof camera is awesome, but I am used to my good camera. I was kind of bummed with how these turned out sharpness-wise, but so glad to capture the joy on his face, that is what's important, right?)

 I look like a goblin, but it was the only picture I got with my big boy the whole day/weekend!

He liked balancing on his hands and letting his body float, he would say "look at my swimming!"

Back home for more presents, dinner, and cake! (us and both sets of grandparents all had the same wrapping paper, that cracked me up for some reason)

Happy Birthday to my sweet guy! We love him so much and talk everyday about how we are so lucky to have him. He really is amazing!

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