Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Mommy's Birthday

Earlier in the month was my birthday, I turned 29! Ack! I took the day off, not because I feel like I have to have a luxurious day to myself for my birthday, but because I have some vacation days that need to be used by the end of the year, and my birthday was a Friday, so I thought, what the heck! Sawyer slept in until 6:45 (lucky me!) and we just bummed around for awhile playing and watching cartoons.

We wanted to meet Daddy for lunch, he works sort of far from home, so we set off a little early, stopped by Starbucks and shared some banana bread ;)

Mike works near a Panera and I have heard great things about that place, so we met there for lunch. Delicious! Mike had to go back to work, so Sawyer and I went to this really nice outdoor mall, unfortunately Sawyer was not interested in staying in his stroller, yet would not hold my hand. I couldn't have him running wild since there are lots of cars zooming around, so I had to force him into the stroller and strap him in (which he is never really strapped in anymore), needless to say, he was mad (screaming) and we had lots of people staring at us.  Oh well! Safety first, right? Before I strapped him down, we went into Anthropologie and he was out of his stroller,  I told him not to touch anything since there are lots of breakable things in there, and guess what he did? Ran ahead of me to touch every. single. breakable. item. all while yelling "DON'T TOUCH IT!" It was kind of funny, but I was a little worried he would break something. We got out of there quick!

He was so mad he tired himself out and snoozed on the way home. (cough cough, lucky me, cough)

When we got back into town, we hit up Target (not surprising) and I got some new bedroom lamps. How lame is it that I used birthday money to buy myself bedroom lamps? I love them though!

My parents gifted me these:

All in all, it was a nice day, I got to spend it with my favorite people!

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