Saturday, October 20, 2012

Before The Weather Turned

Two weekends ago we had what I believe was our last "nice" day before the rainy season started. It was sunny, warm, and lovely.  I have been loving the fall weather though, just makes being home more cozy if that makes sense.

Anyway, on that day Sawyer went with me to pick up lunch, he insisted on bringing this bucket full of toys and juice.

After lunch he had a meltdown, I think that it was due to me not letting him bring a bunch of cars to the park (he always wants to bring 2-3 and he shuffles them between hands and drops them and its just too much to handle while trying to climb play structures and going down the slide). Mean mommy alert! He calmed down, but when we got to the park he mostly wanted to go down by the water and watch the boats and play with his car on the cement.

Still in a sassy mood

Perked up! 

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