Friday, August 31, 2012

State Fair

A few days ago Sawyer's Grandma and Grandpa came into town to take us to the State Fair! Sawyer seemed to enjoy it last year, but since he was so little he didn't get to do much. This year he was tall enough for some rides! Well, he only went on one ride (it was late and a work night) but he loved it so much.

Looking awesome, glasses, hat, stylin
A dinner of pouches and french fries. Typical.
Smokey the bear! I love Sawyer side-eying him.

The highlight of the fair for me, Sawyer screaming to everyone that the salmon in the tank was "A SHARK!!!!!!!"

So unflattering of me, but I don't have many pictures of us, so I take what I can get

Checking out the livestock

He loved these, he would shout "A BIG TRACTOR! I DRIVE IT?" 

  Dancing to the music from the mechanical bull

I was worried he would be scared on this canoe ride since he was by himself, I was wrong. He went twice. He looked like such a big kid and the whole time he looked so pleased with himself. It was cracking me up so hard.

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