Sunday, September 16, 2012

Our Weekend in iPhone snaps

As most weekends do, this one went by way too fast. We had a great time though! I always think to myself how lucky I am to have such an easy 2 year old, he sleeps well, eats sort of well, plays nicely, gives me lots of hugs, and is generally happy for the most part! However, there were some moments this weekend that were a little challenging, I will just assume its his age. He is only 2 after all, and there is that "terrible two's" phase that everyone talks about! Regardless, I was happy to spend some quality time with him, as always! Friday night we just relaxed at home and had pizza, which Sawyer started to say very clearly. He used to call it "peepa" but now its very distinctly called "pizza."

 On Saturday Mike went golfing so Sawyer and I headed to the outlet mall to just walk around. He needed new jammies as he had outgrown most of his, plus, I like to shop and he is usually content to just cruise in the stroller and point out things along the way. While we were there, I popped in to a little salon and got him a much needed haircut. I can't believe how grown up he looks! After shopping and the haircut, we hit up a drive through for some lunch and then went to Bauman Farms. We stocked up on some fresh vegetables and visited the goats and played at the playground.

For the first time he sat in the chair all by himself! His 3rd haircut.

There was a rooster hanging out and he was so into it, he called it a "chicken."

Today was another funfilled day, he woke up and had some daddy-quality time, and then we took him to see his favorite movie of all time, Finding Nemo, in 3D. He called Nemo "Memo" and he just loves the whole movie. The sharks, turtle-dudes, whale, etc. He was so into it, and even wore the glasses for like, 98.5% of the time!

Before we got going for the day, he had to snuggle Pierre

After the movie, we stopped at the school by our house so he could run off a little steam

Such a fun weekend with our little dude. He is now fast asleep and I swear I miss him when he is asleep, even when he has days with some terrible two moments.

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